A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for 7DFPS 2018, FPSWare is a  WarioWare inspired game that throws you into various single-moment shooter scenarios and expects you to execute on them within seconds. See how far you can get!

Made with Unreal4 and FPS Game Starter Kit


Prof Brown - Game Design, Level Design, general Project Wrangling

Ian Cuslidge - Level Design

Jeff Robinson - Level Design

Richard Hale - Level Design

Raoul Neumann - Music

Speedy - Game Over stinger

Rafinci - Extra sounds

Rogue Cache - Logo Design

FreeSound sounds



FPSWare.zip 236 MB
FPSWare.app.zip 193 MB

Development log


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Cool ;P

♥ warioware is my favourite genre so i love this automatically

♥ omg the music is so perfect

♥ love the graphics, especially the check and x lol

♥ i'm glad they're dummies but wish there was no blood i felt bad lol

♥ apples were kinda too hard lol

♥ only got up to 9 but it was fun

♥ thank you

This was so much fun. Love the WarioWare vibe (or Dumb ways to die).

It needs more levels!! 

Very fun! I love the concept. I wish there were more levels and the ability to change mouse sensitivity.