This game legit gave me anxiety as a child - how could it possibly get more stressful?

Made for Ludum Dare 35. The theme was "shapeshift"

UPDATE: Fixed a progression stopper where the last hole would turn into a shape that was already placed, stopping progression.

Try and get all the pieces into their slots - use one hand to grab a piece and distract the board so you can sneak the other one in before the hole changes shape.

Keep your distance, though, the board does not like hands loitering right over the holes!

Lisa Brown - Game Design/Code

WIll White - Art

Tony Manfredonia - Sound/Music


- If you loiter over the board for too long it will close up all its slots and not open them again until you back off

- Picking up pieces gets the board's attention really quickly, but lots of movement also distracts him


imperfection(Linux).zip 54 MB
imperfection(Mac).zip 89 MB
imperfection(Windows).zip 60 MB


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Never played this one. It's pretty great ! Tells a story with pretty much nothing :') Well done Lisa

Wow, this is great! Plays really well with the controller. Fun and challenging. Excellent job to all involved!