A downloadable game

A VR game created for Train Jam 2017 with the custom hardware peripheral - "VibraJaw." Play as a ghost dentist, who can only operate on patients by possessing them and having them perform dentistry on themselves.


Ghost Dentist VR is a humorous body-horror experience where you, a ghost with a dental practice, possess your incoming patients in order to to their dental work. Of course, since you have possessed them, you are actually performing the dental work on yourself. Your patient is still aware, reacting with their eyes, tongue, and expressing pain. Too much and you'll get kicked out of their body!

Stay tuned as we may be showing at a future event.


  • Jerry Belich (custom hardware and design)
  • Lisa Brown (programming and design and crappy temp art)
  • Mike Enoch (programming and design)
  • Elie Abraham (sound and music)
  • Elliot Davis (the art that actually looks good)